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つまり、人は感動に生きる存在であり、全神経を使った魚との対峙、同時に多くの満足や後悔、その矛盾の中にどっぷりと身を浸してこそ、はじめて魚(自然)を知ることができると思えたのである。ただ時代と共に、アングラーにもスタイルの変化と責任が求められる必然も私は理解している。それに応えるために、アングラーはどういうスタンスで魚と対峙しなければならないのか? それは、アングラーのみならず、この世界に関わる全ての企業にも問われていることである。
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With today's growing pressures on sport fishing grounds,the significance of starting up a new magazine on the subject has been constantly on my mind. And while the act of fishing is clearly antithetical to the concept of conservation and nurturing of gamefish, giving up my rod and taking up fish-watching does not strike me as the best course, even when I go so far as to liken myself to the most simple conservationist.
Man's existence is defined by his senses; and it was only through tasting full of sport fishing's central contradiction -- the simultaneous feeling of exhilaration and profound regret in confronting the fish with one's entire being focused on the moment -- that I was able to fully understand the fish (nature). This, however, is not to say that I am not cognizant of the need today for anglers to change their style and to assume a greater responsibility. What, then, should be the attitude of the angler when he engages the gamefish in this ultimate confrontation? And this question applies not only to sport fishermen, but to all of the enterprises engaged in this field, as well.
Perhaps we will never again see the rich oceans in which S.Kip Farrington,Jr., was able to land the three great billfishes (blue marlin, swordfish and black marlin) in a single day, but we must seek to increase the number of anglers with the "eye" of a pro and the "heart" of an amateur as we strive to regain even a small measure of the sea's former abundance so that "all fishermen will be able at least to catch the fish they seek."
The heart of the "sport angler" cannot be found in either fashion or in technique, nor can it be found in the selfish attitude of "pleasure-fishing for sport's sake"; but it is found, I believe, in a true sportsman-like attitude and a genuine gentlemen's approach.
Yasunori Suga
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